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Blue, red, yellow, white, and orange vertical stripes make this a slimming option for the summer. Can be open like a jacket or closed. Light weight fabric.

For a woman to feel elegant and individually express herself through her selection of clothing is synonymous with personal style. Each and every piece of Parsley & Sage clothing is made like old fashioned tailoring. It is not a mass produced item. Know with confidence that no two pieces will be exactly the same. 

This is a unique garment made from hand woven fabric. The irregularities and variations in the weave are characteristic of the fabric and are part of its beauty.


Choose your normal size, however, this item does not have stretch. Go up one size for more room through the chest and shoulders. Lisa is wearing the medium.

Fabric and Care:

Easy to care for

100% Rayon

Machine wash gentle

Tumble dry low